Treadle Sewing Machine Parts

Premium Treadle Machine Belt with Hook - Leather material 3/16 x 72" with fastening hook.

PDB111   $10.00


Bobbins for Treadle Models 27, 28, 127, 128.  5 bobbins per package.

PD8228    $7.95


Treadle Sewing Machine and old style machine needles. Specify size AA, BB, CC, DD, 206x13.  10 needles per package.

BRN   $7.95

Size FF - 5 needles per pkg. 


Not sure which size your machine takes?  Let us know and we can either send you a Needle Chart that shows the size required for machines from "ABC Lifetime" through "Younker's" and everything in between!  Or give us a call and we can match your machine type to the correct needle.


Long Shuttle & Carrier for Treadle Sewing Machines.

    PD54505 Shuttle, Treadle 127-4    $30.00

    PD8327    Shuttle, Treadle 27, 127    $30.00

    PD54507 Carrier 27 & 127 Series    $12.00

NOTE:  Because of the uncertain future availability of Treadle Sewing Machine parts, it would be a good idea to stock up on the above items.  Order parts from Reuben Doyle, 3412 Holt Circle #C, Pensacola, FL 32526, or call 1-800-883-2348 / (850) 944-7570 for Visa/MasterCard orders or e-mail or order through Pay Pal




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